God continues to open new opportunities and this past year has given us an opportunity with the movie, “The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry”. Several months ago I watched this movie, produced by a Christian film company in California. The message of the gospel is so clear as Jonathan Sperry seeks to reach and disciple the young boys in his neighbourhood for Christ as they read through the Gospel of John. Throughout the story, the boys begin inviting other boys to come learn about God.

After I watched the movie, I bought all the copies I could get my hands on and began giving them away to different individuals. At the same time, God put it on my heart to see if there was some way we could get this movie into every home we had opportunity to minister. To learn more about what happened read the “Project Story”.

The Project Story

I would like to take a couple of minutes of your time to share with you the background behind the Jonathan Sperry Project and why I believe this film will have a powerful impact in the lives of boys and girls and whole families who do not know Christ!

Project Progress